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About Us


We are an independent, two person company and we love what we do! NSD is most known for cute characters and naughty language. Our little family business includes two sassy kittens.

All of our products are sourced locally and are ethically made in the UK. 

We enjoy seeing the world, taking in art and culture, listening to alternative music and going to gigs, and cuddles from our fur babies.

Phil Wall (Artist & Owner)

“I run NSD and do all of the doodles. About eight years ago a bunch of my cute (and somewhat offensive) doodles went viral, this launched me into a full time job as an artist. Since then we have expanded from niche greeting cards to a full range of merch that ships worldwide. You may have seen me on the internet drawing and singing badly.

I chose the Never Stay Dead name because I thought it worked well as an artistic alias and also a cool brand name. The name was inspired by the classic 1985 movie The Goonies and the quote ‘Never Say Die’ and also our love of horror movies and the villains that ‘never stay dead’.

My work can switch in moods because I like to express myself in my drawings. This can be seen in the 'Sadness The Monster' series, which is about imagination, emotions and mental health. Thanks for checking out my website.

Email: info@neverstaydead.co.uk 

For business enquiries please contact my manager below. We do not respond to spam email or advertisers.  

Sarah Ward (Co-owner & Manager)

“I help run the company side of NSD and make sure everything is organised (artists need organising!) I'm the company and artist manager; covering the admin and paperwork side of the business. I also make sure all of your orders are safely shipped.”

Contact: info@neverstaydead.co.uk

For artist enquiries please contact my personal business email: sarah@neverstaydead.co.uk we do not respond to spam email or advertisers.  

Madam Satan & Cherry Darling (Cats)

“We look cute and distract the humans.”